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Reasons to become a Seller

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List a fantastic range of Books and Art Prints covering every subject you stock.

A three-month free trial, with no limits on book or art sales

After the trial period you can choose between a rolling monthly payment plan with no commitment, or other purchase options and agreements that include discounts for either a 6 month or 12 month contract. There are no commission charges on sales.

A simple sign up and listing procedure with help available if required.

All book or art sales transactions are managed by you so online payments go straight into your own bank account by choosing BACS or CHAPS transfers, telephone payments etc.

Because we don’t charge commission we don’t object to you dealing directly with your clients, so you can provide a direct link to your own website.

A constantly growing community of Book and Art Print collectors (see Customers Reasons to Register page for their incentives to sign-up)

Google AdWords advertising campaigns (organic and PPC) to attract more buyers to the site

Social Media advertising campaigns (organic and PPC) to attract more buyers to the site

Your own shop front with buyabookonline.com/yourshop domain names, company logo and messaging facilities and discussion boards so that you can promote your sales too

Check your sales statistic's each month

Many other ideas are in the pipeline for buyers and sellers (giveaways, promotions, discounts and many other ideas)

Create special interest groups or topics in our discussion forums, write about the topic and link to a book in your account illustrating the point or subject. Paste links to this discussion on Social Media Platforms. The discussion encourages interaction which encourages sales.