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Matthew Hawkwood books 1 - 5

Matthew Hawkwood books 1 - 5

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All 5 books are signed 1st edition 1st print hardback books in a clear protective archival cover. Ratcatcher = Dated 6th Feb 2006. Has been read but has no marks or tears and is not price clipped, a really nice copy. Resurrectionist = Dated 6th Feb 2007. A read copy but again in excellent condition. No marks or tears and not price clipped. Rapscallion = Flat signed and again a read copy but in superb condition. No marks or tears and not price clipped. Rebellion = Dated 3rd Feb 2011. An unread copy with no marks at all and not price clipped. You won't find a better copy. The Blooding = Unread flat signed book with no marks any tears, not price clipped. This is a great copy. All in all a really good set for the collector.

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Book 1, RATCATCHER: The backstreets of London are harbouring turncoats, French spies and a rogue inventor with a dangerous idea that could tip the balance of war. You don'™t send a gentleman to catch vermin. You send Hawkwood. Book 2, RESURRECTIONIST: In London, the death trade is booming. But there'™s a fine line between body snatching and murder. Hawkwood investigates, and his trail leads him to an obsessive surgeon who has escaped from Bedlam with a terrible point to prove¦ Book 3, RAPSCALLION: Britain'™s infamous prison ships are the only fate worse than the gallows for French prisoners of war. But rumour tells of a sinister smuggling operation aboard, and when two Royal Navy officers mysteriously disappear, it'™s time to send in Hawkwood¦ Book 4 REBELLION: October 1812: Britain and France are still at war. France is engaged on two battle fronts - Spain and Russia - and her civilians are growing weary of the fight. Rebellion is brewing. Since Napoleon Bonaparte appointed himself as First Consul, there have been several attempts to either kill or overthrow him. All have failed, so far... Meanwhile in London, Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood has been seconded to the foreign arm of the Secret Service. There, he meets the urbane Henry Brooke, who tells him he's to join a colleague in Paris on a special mission. Brooke's agent has come up with a daring plan and he needs Hawkwood's help to put it into action. If the plan is successful it could lead to a negotiated peace treaty between France and the allies. Failure would mean prison, torture and a meeting with the guillotine... Book 5 THE BLOODING: 1812: Britain is at war with the United States. Matthew Hawkwood, former soldier and spy, has unexpectedly arrived in America. His plan is to head for Canada and the sanctuary of the British lines. But when he gets to Albany, headquarters of the American Northern Army, he spots a familiar face within a consignment of British prisoners - Major William Lawrence. As Hawkwood and Lawrence make their bid for freedom, they uncover a plan by the Americans to launch an invasion against Canada. If Montreal and Quebec fall into American hands, they will gain control of the entire continent. Hawkwood and Lawrence must pass the information to the British before it's too late. First they must survive the journey through the Adirondack mountains, known as the Mohawk's 'Hunting Grounds'. But deep in Hawkwood's past is an old alliance, one which could save both their lives and Canada from American rule


Publisher Harper Collins
Edition 1st Edition
Signed By Author Yes
UK Edition Yes
Book Condition As New
Jacket Condition As New
Binding Hard Cover

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