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A Sniper's Sun

A Sniper's Sun

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The PAN American 727 set down on the tarmac of Tacoma International. Out the window Jack could see a gathering of at least a hundred war protesters carrying signs at the entrance to the airport terminal building. "God," he swore under breath. "Not another hot LZ!" He had the temerity to believe that after a year risking his life in the name of democracy, that he would return home a welcomed war hero. Instead he is treated with indifference and in some cases downright disdain. Job opportunities are few. And there were his war wounds, the nightmares, flashbacks and hyper-vigilance. A failed marriage after a year is insult to injury. Just when he's on the verge of giving up, the right girl comes along, and dashes the dark clouds away.

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Publisher Editions Dedicaces
Edition 1st Edition
Book Condition New
Binding Mass Market Paperback
Year Published 2020
Number of pages 234
ISBN 13 9781659800746
Keywords Sniper, Sun, Alan, Hodgkinson, Editions Dedicaces, A Sniper's Sun

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