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Customer FAQ

If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us

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You would always pay the seller directly. Please see their payment options before proceeding.

Please see the Book Sellers preferred payment options.

Please see Book Sellers own shop for shipping. To save on the cost of shippimng if you purchase more than one book or art print, the book or art dealer may be able to amalgamate your items in to one package.

Only where the Book Seller allows this.

When you buy from a buyabookonline.com dealer you are buying from an independent dealer. You are supporting the smaller local dealer and you are part of an ever growing community at buyabookonline.com.

Our dealers are experts in what they sell with some specialising in a particular field and some are members of various trade organisations, which means they have agreed to a set of standards to which they all work not just to keep to, but to further their own integrity and that of other dealers in their field.

Should you have questions about their books/prints/comics/maps etc, please do not hesitate to contact them as they are willing to help and or advise you further. In other words - they are just nice people :).

Here at buyabookonline.com we ask our dealers to describe their items correctly, preferably to also show a photo of the item. When a photo is not showing, you may wish to contact the seller for a photo to make sure you are purchasing the correct item and it is to the standard you are expecting.

We expect our dealers to give a full money back refund on any item within 30 days of purchase which would include the shipping cost, but should you in the unlikely event have a problem with your purchase we advise you to contact the dealer in the first instance.

As you are a valued customer, should you be unable to resolve the issue with the seller please contact us directly and we will look further in to this for you.